GreenMax S&F provides clients with a broad range of technical and policy advisory services related to Public Private Partnership, focusing on Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Assets, and blending a multi-disciplinary range of technical and analytical skills. We focus on planning and structuring infrastructure projects using traditional and non-traditional procurement analytic techniques, applying the latest risk management processes, and assisting in developing policies and guidelines for infrastructure project management.

A value for money (VfM) analysis consists of a systematic comparison of total costs of financing and delivering an infrastructure project by traditional government means versus private sector means. For a government, there is no single more important exercise than carrying out this transparent “cost comparator”. Governments must understand early in a potential PPP project development the projected costs and revenue streams so that they can make an informed, long term decision as to whether the project is viable or not, and if so, whether the government or the private sector should finance it.

GreenMax advises administrations to use Value for Money (VfM) and public sector cost comparison analysis, which are so critical for PPP project development Analyzing the overall strategic planning requirements for identifying and screening PPP project opportunities, Illustrating how to construct Public Sector Cost (PSC) and Value for Money (VfM) models, and how to calculate and analyze cost input variables for PPP projects. Finally, evaluating how to forecast financing costs and discount rates for both traditional (government) and private sector and capital market financing.