GreenMax S&F is leading an investment company, GreenVest, that investing in projects already in operation and construction, represents a solid opportunity for low risk investors to participate in Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Assets investments. GreenVest portfolio only includes "de-risked" projects that are fully developed and have achieved financial close. This investment instrument is particularly interesting for institutional investors, and also for family offices or individuals considering a long term and low risk investment horizon. The target portfolio includes Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Assets of several technologies, whose PPA secured cash flows are in ZAR, USD or Euro. 

Additionally to the GreenVest investment company, GreenMax S&F is constantly updating its pipeline of sustainable energy project investment opportunities including wind farms, solar parks, biomass power and energy efficiency projects. Our opportunities include:

  • Wind projects for investment in South Africa, Lesotho, Latin America and the United States
  • Solar projects in South Africa, Namibia, and the United States
  • Wind projects in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine
  • Wind park investment opportunities in El Salvador Dominican Republic
  • Solar parks in Spain, Italy and Czech Republic.
  • Biomass power plants in South Africa, Hungary and Poland