GreenMax S&F partners have the experience to serve in the board and act as CEOs of Energy Services Companies (ESCO), as well as wind, solar, biomass and biogas projects companies. Our experience includes the design and implementation of Demand Side Management Programs and financial incentives, including rebates, tax incentives and the design of tradable white certificates systems. Municipalities, regional government as well as local utilities and DFIs have benefited from our services to advise on the implementation of Demand Side Management promotion schemes as well as the regulatory frameworks for the promotion of Energy Efficiency private investment in general and ESCO business in particular.

ESCO private investment promotion activities include:

Training on Energy Services business for entrepreneurs and municipal administrators

Training on Sustainable Energy Financing for Financial Institutions

Energy Tariffs design to promote Energy Efficiency

Design and implementation of energy efficiency funds

Design and implementation of energy efficiency loan guarantees

Design of software to calculate energy savings and emission savings for most popular technologies in target country

Design and implementation of standard templates for energy audits and energy surveys

Preparation of Performance Contracts bids and tender evaluation